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Kath P

This Tuesday, Sensaround will have its first presence at the Wellbeing Day held by King Edward VI College, Stourbridge. The first college in Britain to hold a ‘Time to change’ event 6 years ago, the event now sees a range of student and community organisations gather to address issues of both mental and physical health.

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An SSE Fellow
Kath P

"Three Ps that I can't sacrifice: Process, Purpose, and Principles.”
Sharad Vivek Sagar


What Is A Social Entrepreneur Anyway?

Business and social responsibility – not concepts that often sit comfortably put together. When we think of corporate social responsibility, it can be too easy to point to examples that are tokenistic, after-thoughts, or actively undone by the company’s main area of business, such as when KFC offered to donate profits from it's mega-size Pepsi sales to further research into diabetes.

Of course there can be good examples. But ultimately a business’ primary responsibility is to its owners and shareholders, isn’t it? Social responsibility is traditionally the role of governments and charities, right?

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Kath P

Sensaround Social Enterprise
Where the Journey Began


Sensaround, together with our sensory self-care kits, are the end result of a year spent on the Lloyds Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs Start-Up Programme, and this is the story of how it all began...

My journey with the School for Social Entrepreneurs started exactly a week after my son was born. I took my hormone-addled brain, barely able to string a sentence together, to an information session in a local community centre. As I listened to the details of the SSE Start-Up Programme, followed by a testimony from one of the previous years’ graduates, it all sounded fabulous – but intimidating.

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